Saatwik Panigrahi

“It is the health that is the real wealth and not the gold and silver pieces” — Mahatma Gandhi

The world is witnessing two contrasting scenarios, with the fertility rate declining below critical levels in most industrialised and developing nations of the world, accompanied with an upsurge in the population levels of poor countries. The shrinkage of workforce growth has also not bereft India and China of this trend…

Indo-China dynamics of international trade

Economy in a historical context

The last fifty years on the twentieth century experienced a turn of events, which helped the conutnry to tranition from a communist economy to a The Chinese leaders adopted a ‘gradualist’ or ‘incremental’ approach. They believed that sequenced economic reforms…

Saatwik Panigrahi

Student at Kiit International School. Passionate about research in business, political science, current affairs and economics.

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