In this unprecedented times of coronavirus, I have realised that there are most of the people have realised their responsibility and are dutiful towards the human civilisation but there are some other people who are still immersed in their misleading ideals that is wreaking havoc during this catastrophe. We can see that despite the inequalities that exist between the people in their normal lives, has been forced to disappear with everyone isolating themselves at their homes and no one has a control over the situation. This predicament has ignited the fundamental essence of humans: humanity and brotherhood. We can see that how people are volunteering to help the vulnerable sections of the society and trying to provide all forms of support to the government to combat the threat of this pandemic. Huge MNCs , public sector companies, and billionaires have voluntarily come forward to make donations and help in the manufacturing and procurement of critical supplies. This contradicts a stigma prevailing in the society that private companies and rich people work for their own selfish needs and ignore the society. These actions show that the companies and people are fulfilling their social responsibility and the world should modify their lenses of view when criticising them. The examples of health workers and volunteers show the selfless nature of human beings when it comes to saving the humanity and striving relentlessly to make small impacts during the crisis that could minimise the global distress. We can see that people are engaging responsible hoarding and people can inculcating a spirit of solidarity, benevolence and unity in their hearts. Most of the people have understood the idea of consequentialism in context of this pandemic , and have become conformists and respectful towards conventions However , the darker sphere of this crisis cannot be ignored. In some situations it can be seen that people still have prejudices and orthodox beliefs in their hearts , which is persuading them to commit acts of discrimination and racism collectively against a group of vulnerable people. The fundamental nature of humans : fear and selfishness can be seen in some instances , where people have resorted to unleashing mental and physical harassment of the people suspected of having been infected with the virus. Although , the ethical examination from one perspective would determine it to be righteous but when we judge this through the lenses of the victim , it exposes huge dilemmas that need to be resolved before reaching any conclusion. This dilemma poses us a question whether we desire to save the entire humanity or the life of one person. The determination of any conclusion during the pandemic would lead to partisan results , therefore government must proactively to examine the situations from the views of both the stakeholders and reach to an equitable judgement. But the act of spreading communal feelings and hatred during the times of such predicament comes us to believe that crisis cannot change everyone but could definitely change the others. Some politicians have also lost their fundamental aspects of a human , are cold , callous and insensitive blaming each other during this crisis. It exposes how selfishness could reach paramount heights to benefit from very distressing situations. Humans have realised the fact that it the humanity which stands together and the exogenous differences are superficial that have no impact on our lives. People are developing a sense of empathy and forging the lost bonds , which had been left behind in the race of a monotonous and demanding life. We have realised that the unlimited desires are actually in vain and we could sustain a happier life in a much lesser materialistic possessions. People have realised the devastation of their greed and have determined that the lowest common denominator of the possession that could satiate their desires earlier is enough for them. People have understood the importance of nature and environment , and nurtured a sensitivity towards them. We have no confirmed theories about the conspiracies of China but if its true it could expose a very dark and demoralising aspect in people. However , I hope that the world would be much more peaceful and pleasant after the coronavirus pandemic subsides. It could compel the humanity to bounce back to its moral principles and values.


Student at Kiit International School. Passionate about research in business, political science, current affairs and economics.