The Ringmaster of guerilla marketing — Paddypower

Paddy Power is an irish bookmaker founded in 1988 in Dublin, Ireland and United Kingdom.It operates Ireland’s largest telephonic betting service. Paddy power follows an aggressive policy of expansion as well as irrelevant guerilla marketing strategy that has tranformed the company from a local shop to international betting giant.

Guerilla marketing is focused on using uncoventional, untraditional, and unruly creative and original marketing strategies. Paddy Power’s guerilla marketing relies on getting unusual amounts of media coverage and significant media buzz. Its marketing department also has a mischief department for creating publicity stunts.

Strategy is defined as devising plans to achieve the long-term objectives of an organisation. Paddy Power is a brand-known to market to those traditionally outside the gambling sector rather than competing with the same rivals. Paddy Power focuses on marker development strategy and employs an extensive controversial guerilla marketing to make itself the global powerhouse of betting. During thr 2015 General elections, Paddy Power delivered a cheely message on a truck claiming that MPs could be sacked. Ib addition, Paddy Power sent three giant babies in anticipation of the birth of Prince George. Apart from these campaigns, Paddy Power has indulged in several irrelevant and controversial marekting that helped it to target a new market segment. After these campaigns, Paddy Power has seen an increase in its revenue. This has helped it to differentiate itself from competitors like Sports Radar, Bet genius etc. During the Euro 2016, it successfully initiated several campaigns to promote its brand. It opted to use the ambush tactics during the event to capitalize in its popularity. However, it faced the threat of sparking a legal action and controversy. In addition to targeting its existing customers, it strengthened its communication with new customers. These strategies have helped it to increase its bettings exponentially, increase market share and minimise the costs of traditional ATL and BTL promotions.

However, the recent years have been quite unfavorable for Paddy Power, with it losing market share due to increased competition. This compeled it to change its guerilla marketing strategy and radically improving its marketing idea. The marketing department now focuses on a more relevant messaging from topical news content, leveraging brand’s distinct personality and social media presence. From the graffiti of polar bear to highlight the conservation efforts to donating money in Attitude Foundation, every time an anti -LGBT Russian scored at world cup. It backed LGBT causes and mocked the behaviour of the Royal Ascot. This helped them to gain an edge in social media and became a heavily cited brand for a brief period of time. It induced viral word-of-mouth marketing and helped it to increase its revenue from 827 million Euros to 867 million Euros. In addition, it helped the company to gain new recreational customers and retain the existing ones.

To conclude, this strategy has helped it to become flexible in the dynamic global business environment.However, the company should be guided by ethics, morals, laws etc. to avoid any potential threat.

Economics and Mathematics @ New York University

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Saatwik Panigrahi

Saatwik Panigrahi

Economics and Mathematics @ New York University

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